Find Commercial Space for Rent in Metro Manila, Quezon City, Makati & Las Piñas in 2023

For entrepreneurs looking to set up shop in Metro Manila, the Philippines’ vibrant hub of business opportunities, finding a space for rent is essential. This article provides insight on Quezon City, Makati City and Las Pias commercial spaces – discussing advantages as well as sharing success stories from businesses currently thriving there. With plenty of resources when it comes to finding an appropriate rental property or commercial unit here in this bustling region. Following these tips can help ensure any enterprise takes full advantage!

Short Summary

  • Explore commercial spaces for rent in Metro Manila’s top business districts like Quezon City, Makati & Las Pias.

  • Consider key factors such as location, budget & size to find the perfect space for your business.

  • Investing in a commercial space can be rewarding with potential cash flow and cost savings to unlock growth potential!

Exploring Commercial Spaces for Rent in Metro Manila

Metro Manila is a bustling hub for businesses, offering countless possibilities to rent out commercial spaces. Its perfect location and accessible costs make it an ideal spot for business development as well as reaching new customers.

Two of the most prominent cities when renting shop fronts in Metro Manila are Makati City and Quezon City – with Las Pias also providing excellent options in terms of affordability and ease-of-accessibility to nearby locations.

Quezon City

Quezon City in Metro Manila is a great spot to establish your business. It offers numerous commercial spaces, such as warehouses and vibrant storefronts for rental. These can be found inside glamorous shopping malls with an average monthly cost of around P94,500 per month which makes it more affordable than other nearby cities like Makati, Taguig, Mandaluyong or Pasig that have high rent prices. This city provides ideal conditions for media conglomerates, IT companies, BPO firms, and retail outlets alike, so anyone looking to lease should definitely take this opportunity into consideration!

Makati City

Makati City, a popular business district in the Metro Manila area, offers businesses an ideal spot with good accessibility and multiple options for commercial properties. The city is renowned for its fancy shopping centers and schools as well as corporate offices and plush residential buildings.

Renting out office spaces can be done easily through various real estate agent websites – from 95 sqm to 484 sqm units are available on lease terms of up to five years which should provide enough time to capitalize on your space’s potential.

Las Piñas

Situated in the south of Manila, Las Pias is a bustling city that has been seeing growth within its commercial real estate industry. Connectivity to and from this location will be improved. Enhanced due to Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 as well as an extension being made on the LRT-1, creating more convenience for those travelling here.

Commercial spaces here can range anywhere between PhP 25,000 to 1 million 460 thousand per month, which gives diverse choice depending on size and type desired by businesses and residents aiming to establish themselves in this area who stand to receive all perks associated with setting up operations nearby such places as Muntinlupa & Paraaque. While still having access into the CALABARZON Region too.

Key Factors to Consider When Renting a Commercial Space

Before searching for the ideal commercial space in Metro Manila, you should take into account critical details such as its location and accessibility to other places, rental rate that matches your budget, and size plus layout. Keeping these considerations foremost will make certain that you find a suitable commercial area tailored to accommodate your business needs.

Location and Accessibility

Choosing an optimal spot for your commercial enterprise can increase chances of growth, provide increased visibility to clients and public knowledge about the business. Thus increasing returns on investments. In Metro Manila, available spaces are incredibly accessible with multiple means of transportation near by such as highways or central transit hubs. Several shops/stores plus restaurants are located in a stone’s throw away from these office buildings, if you decide upon one here when renting out a space. Selecting wisely where to allocate yourself will be an influential factor towards making sure that all elements necessary converge together for success in regards to opening up shop in Manila’s Commercial Buildings.

Budget and Rental Rates

When looking for commercial spaces in Metro Manila, it is important to be aware of rental rates and budget. In the first quarter of 2022, office space rentals cost an average rate per square meter at 1,350.14 in Makati City specifically. The range between Taguig and Makati properties can go from 25 thousand PHP up to 500 thousand PHP depending on property size and type when selecting a suitable one for your business goals as well as being within budget.

Size and Layout

It is essential to consider both the size and design of commercial office space when renting in Metro Manila. Options range from a modest 30-square meter office for approximately PhP 10,000 up to an expansive 2,500 square meters with full furnishings available for rent at 234,177 per month on average. Securing appropriate business premises provides crucial support for start-up costs as well as future growth needs due to zoning regulations. It also offers flexibility should operational requirements change over time. It is important that careful consideration be given before deciding which type of commercial property best meets your company’s needs.

The Benefits of Renting a Commercial Space in Metro Manila

When it comes to renting commercial properties, Metro Manila offers several advantages such as cost efficiency, the potential for consistent revenue streams and a lot of room for flexibility when choosing. Businesses based in this region benefit from extensive customer networks, a range of available amenities, plus an exciting business environment.

Metro Manila’s reasonable prices combined with its close proximity to other major Philippine cities. Make investing in a property here beneficial – providing access to great locations that would otherwise be out-of-reach financially speaking.

Metro Manila’s Top Business Districts for Renting Commercial Spaces

The top business areas in Metro Manila offering commercial rentals are Makati Central Business District, Ortigas Center, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), and Alabang. Every district provides remarkable benefits for businesses. For instance, the well-developed infrastructure of Makati CBD is accompanied by luxurious shopping centers, residences and hotels that make it an ideal location for renting out office spaces.

Likewise, both Ortigas Center as well as BGC offer a wide selection of modern facilities along with many different types of commercial properties available to rent, providing great conditions for enterprises looking to grow their operations through these locations in the city center.

Navigating the Commercial Real Estate Market in Metro Manila

Finding the ideal commercial real estate in Metro Manila can be challenging, but with adequate resources, it turns into a rewarding journey. Lionunion Real Estate Inc. could assist you in finding the optimal space for your company’s demands.

It is very important that you are well-versed in any legal necessities applying to this kind of property such as zoning laws, building regulations, lease and sale agreements so that everything works out positively when setting up shop here in The Philippines.

Legal Considerations and Requirements for Renting Commercial Spaces

Before you decide to rent a commercial space, it is important that all legal aspects and regulations related to the lease are taken into account. Commercial leasing follows contractual laws which require certain elements for its validity along with specifying rights of each party involved as well as rules regarding breach of contract. Security deposits may vary without any restrictions imposed while potential business concerns such as parking restraints or sign placement can provide great prospects for this type of property.

Success Stories: Businesses Thriving in Metro Manila’s Commercial Spaces

Businesses that decide to invest in a commercial space in Metro Manila can reap an abundance of benefits such as access to numerous lifestyle amenities, customer exposure and a dynamic business environment. A great example is Cresida Tueres’ Greenwich Pizza chain, which started from humble beginnings based in Greenhills but grew into one of the leading national franchises around the country. Investing wisely in a metro Manila commercial space provides much potential for businesses looking to succeed and grow within their niche market.


When investing in Metro Manila’s commercial spaces, the search for a suitable space to rent can open up many opportunities and potentials for businesses. It is essential that one looks into vital criteria such as location, accessibility, budgeting/rental rates and size & layout when searching. This will make sure their business decision proves fruitful in the end. There are numerous success stories of companies flourishing from these districts within Manila, proving how advantageous setting-up shop here really is, so why wait? Start your journey today and unlock all possible avenues with renting a perfect place which caters to what you need!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is commercial rent in Philippines?

Renting commercial space in the Philippines can be surprisingly affordable – most advice suggests that you should budget between Php 500 to Php 2500 per square meter!

With the potential savings, now might be a great time for investors to get your business off the ground!

What is a commercial space for rent?

A used commercial building or space for rent is a property that has been allocated exclusively to business purposes and not residential functions. This may include office spaces, warehouses, retail buildings, as well as other sorts of properties. Renters usually remunerate the owner in return for use of the area while those offering it gain income from renting out this specific space. The keywords such as ‘commercial’ or ‘business’, among others, remain intact throughout these two paragraphs which describe different components involved when considering getting an available space on lease.

Why rent commercial space?

When it comes to obtaining commercial space, renting can be the more cost effective option compared with outright ownership of similar properties. There’s no need for large upfront costs and some tenants may even have access to preferential rates or discounts on a longer term lease.

Having more storage and the ability to make use of shared services is another key advantage when opting for rental as opposed to owning property. There will be no requirement for purchasing furniture or additional equipment beyond what you actually require right away.

Taking into consideration all factors such as location, flexibility, budget considerations and service availability, renting a warehouse might just prove itself ideal for small businesses who are ready to increase their operations while scaling in new markets at any stage of growth!

How much is a rental space in Manila?

Finding a space to rent in Manila is within reach, with office rental prices that can range from 600-1,800 pesos each month ($12-$36) per square meter! Businesses of any size should be able to find an office and option suitable for their budget and requirements. This makes it possible for them to establish themselves without draining all financial resources.

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